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Develop jQuery Mobile Apps for all Devices With a Single Code

Develop jQuery Mobile Apps for all Devices With a Single Code

Query Mobile Apps – Build a single application that will work on all popular smartphone & tablet platforms.

With this eCourse, you’ll learn to:

  • Design a mobile app with multiple pages 
  • Use transitions and buttons effectively
  • Create amazing popups on mobile apps
  • Design attractive navbars, panels, collapsibles
  • Create list views to use in mobile apps

Why jQuery Mobile for designing apps?

  1. jQuery Mobile works on all popular smartphones and tablets
  2. jQuery Mobile uses HTML5 & CSS3 for laying out pages with minimal scripting
  3. A single piece of code works on Android, Blackberry, IOS, Windows phones
  4. Very less programming is required

Course Curriculum –

  • Introduction to jQuery for mobile
  • Let’s create pages for your mobile apps
  • Playing with transitions in jQuery Mobile
  • Let’s add BUTTONS to your mobile app
  • Using icons on buttons
  • Creating POPUPS in your app
  • Better understanding of TOOLBARS in jQuery Mobile
  • Let’s create a NAVIGATION BAR for your mobile app
  • Creating PANELS for your mobile app
  • Using COLLAPSIBLE in your mobile app
  • Adding TABLES to your mobile app
  • Understanding the GRID concept
  • List views in Mobile app
  • Working on the content of lists
  • Using FILTERS in list items




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