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How to Make Salary Sheet Using Microsoft Excel

How to Make Salary Sheet Using Microsoft Excel. What is Ms office? Ms office is an application program which is using for different purpose like Ms word using for application, form & letter use, excel for sheet, math formula & many other offices related usage most popular Access for database & powerpoint for presentation, etc. How to create Salary sheet?

for those people who didn’t understand Urdu/Hindi language

First of all open Excel program & type following value in each cell.

1: E no Serial number like 1,2,3,4

2: Name Worker name

3: Designation Manager, CEO, etc

4: Department Name of Department

5: Basic Put basic salary like $1000

6: Attendance How much attendance of employees in a month

7: Salary Basic x attendance/30)= salary

8: House Rent Basic x 45%=house rent

9: Convince Attendance x $1=daily convince

10: Gross Salary+House rent+ Convince = Gross

11: Income text If gross grater then symbols 10000, GpfundGross x 5%=I.Text

12: GP fund Gross x 8GP fund

13: Total Deduction Income text+ Gp fund=T Deduction

14: Net salary Gross – Total deduction=Net salary

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